Friday, January 18, 2008



I just looked at Oliver Steele's programmer's food pyramid and did a self evaluation of sorts. I know that I err too much on the reading of "blogs" versus reading long prose about programming.  That's something to change this year.

As well I use libraries a lot without digging into anything once my problem solving is done.  I think there's a form of mental stamina in digging deeper into a problem once you've apparently solved it - my instinct is to simply move on and try to tackle what's next.  Now that the .NET Framework code is available, that and other libraries should occupy my reading time.

While I don't struggle with the inclination to write code, I've long since thought it's better to try to write different types of applications and build some breadth.  Especially after my umpteenth web based CRUD app, I'm now interested in blending Windows Forms and Web stuff in the small variety of utilities that I compulsively write.


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